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he writes & directs films

Favio is one of the WORST film directors alive. 


He started directing short documentaries on his own after being rejected from every single production company in Paris. He made a lot of money but blew it all on personal projects.


He directed his first feature film at 26 years old. Scheduled to be released in theaters in 2020, the project almost ended in a lawsuit.


He sold an original idea for Netflix TV show about a 100 million dollar scam in the wine market. 2 years later, the script is still sucking dust somewhere in the network's building. 


He recently created his own production company: Flavor On The Rocks - nobody understands what the hell it stands for. 


His next film is about two lesbian vampires addicted to techno music, which he decided to finance once again out of his own pocket.


And after 7 years of blood, sweat and tears, he is still standing. God help us all…

Le serpent à plumes 10.jpg
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